Assalamu Alaikum!

The Inspiring American Muslim Youth (IAMY) Project is made up of three components alhamdulillah:

10405353_10152673215876683_5284426655794107100_nOne Voice is a blog run by and for Muslim youth. One Voice used to be a print newspaper mainly in New Jersey but has since decided to merge with IAMY to provide an online forum for Muslim youth to showcase their talents and share their thoughts on a variety of issues. Check out the blog here!

The IAMY convention is an effort to raise awareness about the unique struggles faced by American Muslim youth. By educating the youth themselves and enlightening their families about youth issues, we hope to give the Muslim community the tools and knowledge needed to overcome these challenges and become active, responsible citizens of their world. The next convention is taking place is planned for April 4th and 5th, 2015 insha’Allah.  Check here for more details as the date gets closer insha’Allah.

The Institute for American Muslim Youth (IAMY) is an independent research organization that encourages and supports original, curiosity-driven, objective, empirical research on issues facing American Muslim youth. It provides an outlet for current scholars and for the mentoring of future scholars who would like to make significant contributions to the understanding of Islam in the United States. The goal of the research is to identify specific problems and to address possible solutions that can be translated into practical application to benefit Muslim youth. To learn more, click here.

We are inspiring American Muslim Youth. Join us!

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