Women Like Us

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The words that fall from the tip of your tongue feel nothing like comfort. And sizzle like venom on the surface of her skin. How dare you call her helpless. You haven’t seen her blood-stained hands, that didn’t even shake when they murdered her mind. You’ve never seen the body…

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A Quick Byte

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Editors’ Note: This post was originally published in July 2010, and it’s the second in our #ThrowbackThursday series, in which we will highlight articles from One Voice’s previous print issues. Enjoy this technology article published prior to the iPhone 4’s release! A hammer is only dangerous if used incorrectly. It causes harm only if wielded by…

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I Am Told

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I am told to pray Pray for a better future Better life Better people I am told to pray Pray for peace and to prosper For love And to be stronger I am told to wipe my tears and stiffen my shoulders To toss my head back and look straight…

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In Desperate Need

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The sun will never realize how bright it is. Or the happiness it causes by appearing. Or the pain it causes by being too close and overstaying its welcome. The moon is the silent one, the one always present, always watching. It is never noticed until darkness seeps and enshrouds…

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Labbayk: Our Call Home

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I recently watched a special on human intuition where they defined intuition to be the phenomenon of “knowing something but not knowing why you know it.” The answer to this conundrum they gave was simple, it apparently occurs because you at one point in time encounter or experience something and…

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